martial arts

My martial arts journey started in 1975, at the age of 12, which seems like yesterday you tend to forget how many years and the effort you put into a passion.

The school i belonged to was Karate-Do at the time. My teachers or Sensei were real caring people with only my highest interests in mind.

I was a small boy at the age of 12 living in very difficult family times. What the martial arts did for me in these times. It gave me discipline in the chaos, it gave me control over myself, it gave me confidence in who i was and what i am. It gave me a sense of believe that i can overcome my problems and create a better life with just regular training. The dojo became a home for me, a place where i can be me.

It took many years to push through the old and find the new me. A me that was self-assured, confident, fit, and healthy. My early childhood days were directing me on a very unhappy, unhealthy life experience.

The karate training changed that for me, I will be forever grateful for what the martial arts has done for me.

I became a martial arts teacher, which included Tai Chi ,the lifestyle and passion just grew. I have run many dojo‘s in South Africa. I became a 5th dan black belt.

In 2007 I changed karate schools. I now train in the school of Okinawa goju under the watchful eye of 8th dan Kancho Rony Kluger, who is based in Israel. At the present time i do not run a dojo, I enjoy training by myself and with other karate schools in Switzerland just to keep my skills going.