Education / Ausbildung

Stages of my education:

Training Healing 

Deep tissue massage: Academy of Health, 1985

Reflexology: Academy of Health, 1987

Spinal tuning: Academy of Health, 1987

Shiatsu: Academy of Health, 1988

Sport injuries: Academy of Health, 1988

Basic intuition: Nicala Bell, 1991

Intuitive studies: Michelle Hawking, 1992

Body intuition: Nicala Bell, 1995

Advanced Sport Injuries: Dennis Thompson, 1999


Training Martial Arts

Started training Karate-Do age 12, 1975

Black Belt first Dan, 1985

Teacher of Tai Chi, 1986

Professional martial arts teacher, 1987

Provincial colors in Black belt division, 1990

National colors in Black Belt division, 1995

Shihan Master 5 Dan, 1997

Joined Okinawa Goju ruy, 2007

Training under Kancho Ronny Kluger, 2008


Other training

South African Defense Force, 1981-88

Qualified Submariner

Qualified Diver 1+2

Radio Technician Defence Force